DSL has following Branches:

  • Distribution of electronic Components and Peripherals
  • Production and Distribution of Crystals and Oscillators
  • Value Added Services
  • Engineering and Hardware design.

Distribution of electronic Components  and Peripherals: 

  • Crystals and Oscillators, Filters:
  • LCD-Displays
  • Silicon Rubber Keypads 
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Logic (HC, HCT, LS, ALS, etc.)
  • Microprocessors and Single Chips 
  • Memories (EPROM, SRAMs, DRAMs, etc.)
  • Switches, Tact Switches
  • Diodes, Transistores, Triacs, Thyristores
  • SMD-Components
  • Varistores, Rectifiers
  • Silicon Disks

Value Added Services 

Taping of radial components (e.g. Crystals, LEDs, Diodes, Capacitors)

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Taping of SMD components on Blister tapes

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Beading and Bending of radial components

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Bending and Lead cut: re-preparation from radial to SMD components

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Beading of radial components

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